February 5, 2019

I have often found myself wondering why God had me where I was. I often feel like God is taking me the long way around, and feeling that way if often frustrating. 

And I think that this is a feeling that's not isolated to me. The places that we are headed might be different, but the feeling that we're not going there in the fastest way is the same. Maybe it's a physical move that keeps getting delayed, maybe it's something you have been praying for that has yet to come, maybe it's a change that you are wanting to see. There are as many different places to go as there are people to get there. And if it were up to me, I would want to take the shortest route between where I am and where I want to go. And I have to assume that you want the same. 

But more often than not God takes us the long way. Why..?

In Exodus 13 we see the story of God leading His people out of Egypt. He has just acted in a mighty way to see His people releases from the strongest empire on the planet at the time, but on...

January 29, 2019

My actions behind closed doors in my past were brought into a discussion on Facebook today on a post about abortion I made last week. Originally this was my reply that I had typed out, but since it grew longer than a Facebook response should be I opted to simply post it here. So, to whom it may concern… 

I will say that in the past I have participated in a lot of things I wish I hadn’t. I don’t remember anything being sent unsolicited. But, as a Christian I have participated in sexting, I am not a virgin, I have gotten drunk, I have lied about things, I have manipulated people, I have often worn a mask in hopes that what I was doing to try and fill myself and my own fear and loneliness wouldn’t be found out. Though I am not proud of these things. They have happened, and as such that are part of my story.

I am in every since of the word a broken and sinful man. To steal words from St Paul, I do see myself as the chief of sinners. I make no debate in defense of that. But I am someone who...

January 24, 2019

I have long gone to prayer books to be an aid to me in prayer. I know that some don't like prayer books, claiming that prayer should only be from the heart. But if this argument is taken to a logical conclusion then the only worship we sing should be spontaneous and composed only by the one singing. But that's beside the point. For me I came to find these prayers as beautiful aids. I used these borrowed prayers when I knew not what to pray. Or when it felt as though I had forgotten how to. And because of this I wanted to include a prayer at the end of each chapter of my first book. But as I did so I did not copy the prayer that I read in the books, but I had adapted my own prayers from them. In doing so I was able to make them even more personal and also easier to read for those who are not familiar with the older english in which these prayers have been written. So I invite you to pray with me. I hope that in borrowing my prayer you may be as filled as I have been when borrowing the p...

January 22, 2019

For the first few years of pursuing Christ I didn't spend much time in the psalter. I'm not saying that I didn't read them. I did. As someone who enjoys poetry, I found the words to be lovely and in them I found an encouraging verse here or there. But I never found myself going to them for theology or rhythm of life. For that I usually just rotated between the Gospels and St. Paul. And then back again. 

But over the past few years I have found myself more and more in the Psalms. I have gone to them and back again. And in doing this I have found something quite comforting, because in the Psalms, possibly more than any other book, we see a rhythm of life more common to us than we would like. 

Many of these psalms are orchestrated in a similar pattern. I was reminded of this pattern again today while reading Psalm 22. And though this psalm is a prophecy of Christ, it is no less the heart cry of another King. David. 

He begins this heart cry with a question. "My God, my God, why have y...

January 15, 2019

At the start of this year I tried to take some time to sit down and figure out what my goals would be for this year. The idea of New Years resolutions are nothing new. They seem to take control of everything the week or two before the numbers at the end of the date change. And for most they seem to last a week or two after.

As I sat down to go over what I hoped that this year would look like I began to divide these things into two different categories. My goals and my prayer. Not saying that the first category would be a prayer less one, only that they were the things which I believe could happen. Things that I could work for and see come to pass. And the second category were things which I have no control over, other than to pray that they come to pass.

But while I was doing this I began to see something that connected a number of those things which I listed under the heading of ‘prayers’ in my journal that first evening of the year. Many of these prayers had been rolled over from the...

January 12, 2019

“For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters,
and hewed out for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water.” –Jeremiah 2:13

Here in the start of Jeremiah, God is calling out His people for turning to their broken wells, but we read that doing so was only one of two sins they had committed. The other was that they had turned from Him, the only fountain of living water.

So it seems that turning from the broken wells that we have made for ourselves is only part of the answer. As going to them was only part of our sin. We must once again return to Him who is the fountain. For it is only here that we can be truly satisfied. It is only once we return to that fountain that we shall be able to drink our fill and be truly satisfied. 

But in doing so we must confess that somewhere down there line there was a shift in our hearts. For each of us who has made a broken well there was first a belief that God could, or would, no longer satisfy us....

January 6, 2019

It's now a few days into the New Year. 

By now some of you have already lapsed on your resolutions and even more have felt the weight that life has, more or less, gone back to normal. It's in this season the dullness of winter truly becomes known. There is no holiday to look forward to, not gathering to tell ourselves will be perfect this year, no holiday specials promising more than they can deliver. And I am guessing that the result is that many have gone back to daily routine. 

Unfortunately for far too many people that call themselves Christians, this means a cycle of fear and anxiety about what is going on. And what will come next. It's something that is far too easy to do. I can often find myself wondering what will come next. And wondering what I need to do to usher in the next season of my life, for I'm willing to bet that the one I'm in at the moment won't go down as one of my favorites. 

I could list all the things that cause me to be anxious, to worry, to question w...

December 31, 2018

A few days ago I came across the list of goals that I had made for last year. Some of them were things that I desired to do, resolutions if you will, and some of them were things which I had little control over. I guess these could fall into the category of prayers that I had for 2018.

In looking over them, some I could place a check next to and feel happy that this year was a ‘success’ in those places. And yet there were the others. The things which I didn’t do. The prayers that I am still praying, yet unanswered.

And if you are anything like me, that second list, no matter how long, can make you feel as though this is how things will always be. These things on that second list become experts and robbing our joy and stealing our hope. We long for something new, and yet we feel as though we’re always coming us a day late and a dollar short.

And for many of us, we see the heralding of a New Year as a way to bring about this something new. We can look around and we know that this is not the...

December 13, 2018

This season if filled with scenes of mangers and wise men. 

It seems as though everywhere there are signs of the Advent of Christ nigh two-thousand years ago. Even for those who believe that there is not enough of this, it is still all around us. Signs that point to a babe in a manger. A new King who has come to free us from something more than we ever dared imagining. 

And though this is a great thing, to see and to celebrate the incarnation. To sing and savor Immanuel, God with us. But often we forget what I believe to be one of the most vital parts of this season. We celebrate that Christ has come to this world once, but then we go on living as if He's forgotten how to get back. 

This season is called Advent, which means coming. And in this season that is what we celebrate. That Christ came. But for many of us, this is where is stops. We are happy that He came, but this doesn't do much for us now. We spend this season in expectation, but not the kind that should fill ever fiber...

November 27, 2018

Since last Thursday was Thanksgiving, it seems like the world is now in full Christmas season. Although a lot of department stores already looked that way before Halloween. (But let's not get into that here. Christmas season starts when you see Santa in the parade, but like I said, lets not get into that here.) I've even got my decorations up. Or I should say my decoration. My house, being both my home and my brother's studio, isn't conducive to decorations for any holiday. But I have one of those Charlie Brown Christmas trees. I have put it up the past four or five years. One day I'll live somewhere that I can decorate a bit more, but for now this does the job. 

As a people we all love the Christmas season. It's a season which promises us that everything will work out. That no matter how bad things have gotten over the past year(s) things will make a turn for the better. It's what every holiday movie tells us and what every commercial is now trying to sell us. And if all we h...

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